Twitter Marketing


Twitter marketing can be made even more effective by running cross-channel campaigns around a
cohesive idea. That’s why our social media services aren’t one-size-fits-all or siloed into rigid
platform-specific offerings.

We keep your larger social media and digital marketing strategy collaborative and
platform-agnostic so that you can invest your resources when and where they’re needed most.
Organic and paid social spend can be moved across channels to increase the likelihood of
achieving your commercial objectives.

Full-Service TWITTER Marketing

Twitter Ad Management

As part of a comprehensive Twitter marketing strategy, your social media
strategist leverages both organic and paid Twitter tactics.

A well-timed, highly targeted Twitter ad with the right bidding strategy supporting it can get
your brand in front of more active users. Massive Marketing’s paid advertising and management services
help you jump to the front of the line, so your voice is heard and you can easily engage and
re-engage followers and nonfollowers alike.


With the help of the Twitter Ads platform and other leading social tools, Massive Marketing skillfully
creates and manages your social advertising. Your ad budget remains firmly in your hands, as
your team can recommend suggested spending levels and facilitate payments accordingly.

Engage, Convert and Repeat

As is the case with all strategies, if something isn’t working, we fix it. If your strategy is producing stellar results, we re-invest in it. Our services are perfectly calibrated to what works, moment by moment, so you’re not locked in to an outdated, ineffective strategy.

We remain right alongside you during your campaign and each follower interaction. By broadening your Twitter base, engaging the right prospects and converting them into closed deals, we optimize every social media touchpoint throughout the customer lifecycle – and then bring those customers back for more.

Think of Massive Marketing as a search engine for all your content marketing needs. Send tweet.


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